Portable Buildings Galesburg IL
The back exterior of fabric portable buildings in Galesburg IL

Save Time and Money with an Investment in Portable Buildings in Galesburg IL

Sometimes, the storage needs of your facility outpace your ability to provide them! Even simple expansions for more workspace can take significant time and money to implement. Thankfully, fabric structures are an alternative to the traditional construction of storage buildings or warehouses. Our fabric, portable buildings for Galesburg IL are the best investment for growing industrial businesses and facilities to make. And if interested in expert design and construction of fabric buildings in the Midwest, look no further than Greenfield Contractors.

Portability is Your Best Option

From setting up barns to erecting new warehouses, Greenfield’s portable buildings are used across all industries. Unlike other traditional structures, our fabric structures are portable and easy to redesign and set up. With help from our expert crew, you can have new structures on your property in no time!

  • Quick and Simple
    • Unlike most traditional construction, which can take months to complete, the construction of fabric buildings can be completed within a matter of days. For facilities looking for immediate storage or capacity solutions, fabric structures are your best bet. Not to mention, the construction of fabric structures is relatively simple, reducing the need for extensive labor and materials.
  • Versatile
    • Fast installation, minimal labor, and few materials are what every contractor looks for in their construction process. This is precisely what you get with fabric portable buildings in Galesburg IL! Our ability to construct, update, take down, and re-construct structures gives our clients the most options in terms of versatility. Not happy with the location of your fabric barn? Greenfield Contracting can help move it wherever you need it!
  • Durable
    • Being a fabric structure, your building must lack the proper resistances, durability and longevity of other industrial structures, right? Not so! In truth, fabric structures are as strong and long-lasting as any traditionally constructed building. Greenfield’s structures feature high-density polyethylene tapes and UV inhibitors to strengthen fabric and reduce damage caused by sunlight exposure. Also, our posts and trusses are hot dip galvanized, guaranteeing exceptional corrosion protection.

The Greenfield Advantage

If you’re familiar with fabric portable buildings in Galesburg IL, you might know a handful of other companies advertising incredible “anywhere” structures. However, without local contractors and knowledge, these companies don’t truly understand what makes a fabric building able to withstand the Midwest’s harsh storms, extreme temperatures, and heavy snow. We design our buildings to take into account wind and snow loads typical of Midwestern climates. And to give our clients further peace of mind, our structures are backed by a 20-year manufacturer warranty.

The interior of fabric Portable Buildings in Galesburg IL

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Portable buildings in Galesburg IL are your company’s best option for fast, affordable, dependable storage or workspace. To learn more about Greenfield Contracting and our design, construction and post-construction services for fabric structures, contact us today at 833-747-7285. We serve clients throughout the Midwest, with offices in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

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