Fabric Buildings Galesburg IL
The interior of fabric buildings in Bloomington IL

Fabric Buildings in Galesburg IL are Simply the Best!

As the owner of a commercial or industrial company/facility, you are always looking for ways to expand space for storage or business operations. However, construction or renovation can be expensive, time-consuming, and not worth the investment! Instead, you require an alternative way to expand your space while staying within budget and not wasting much time. Greenfield Contractors has the solution: fabric buildings for Galesburg IL!

What are Fabric Buildings?

A fabric building offers the same function and usability as any industrial warehouse or commercial structure. Using reinforced fabric material and a steel frame, we can develop fabric structures ranging in size from 16′ x 20′ to 170′ x 240′. Our fabric buildings are best utilized for storage or workspace for industries related to shipping, manufacturing, construction, landscaping, mining, automotive and more. Fabric structures have grown in use due to excellent features such as:

  • Reduced Operating Costs
    • The materials used for fabric structure construction offer incredible benefits in facility operation costs. Due to the non-conductive nature of the fabric used for construction, the interior of your finished building will stay warm during cold months and stay cool during hot periods. Additionally, the fabric is semi-translucent, meaning the interior of fabric structures is always well-lit with natural light (keeping costs for lighting and electricity lower).
  • Versatile & Transportable
    • Most construction is permanent, meaning once a building is complete, it isn’t moving! Conversely, fabric structures are simple to put up and take down. A fabric building can easily be moved based on the needs of your business. Furthermore, our fabric structures are easy to update and expand, giving you greater control over your space’s size, function and layout.
  • Durable & Long-Lasting
    • Fabric buildings are surprisingly more durable and resistant than other buildings constructed via more traditional methods. For example, Greenfield uses high-density polyethylene tapes and UV inhibitors to strengthen fabric and reduce damage caused by sunlight exposure. Additionally, the posts and trusses used for our fabric structures are hot dip galvanized, ensuring greater corrosion protection and increasing your structure’s longevity.
New Fabric Buildings in Galesburg IL installed by Greenfield Contractors

Working with Greenfield

At Greenfield, we go above and beyond to provide our clients with the best fabric buildings for Galesburg IL. Unlike other contractors, who claim their structures can be used “anywhere,” Greenfield Contractors understands the structure and environmental needs for fabric structures built in the Midwest. As local contractors, we design our buildings to account for wind and snow loads expected in Midwestern climates. Also, we procure all our materials in America, guaranteeing the highest quality construction of your structure, and are backed by a 20-year manufacturer warranty.

Call Our Contractors

When considering expanding your facility, don’t waste time with less versatile and expensive structures. Instead, invest in fabric buildings for Galesburg IL, designed and installed by Greenfield Contractors. To learn more about our services or request a quote, contact Greenfield today at 833-747-7285. We serve clients throughout the Midwest, with offices in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

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