Metal Buildings
Metal Buildings

Expertly Constructed & Long-Lasting Metal Buildings

Nothing is as strong, durable and long-lasting as a metal building designed and constructed by Greenfield Contractors. At Greenfield, we understand the storage and space needs of industries across the Midwest. While incredible storage capacity can be achieved with Greenfield’s fabric structures, there’s no beating the resilience and security of a structure made from high-quality steel. With exceptional painted and Galvalume panels produced by Chief Buildings, you can be confident in the quality and capabilities of your structure. If you are interested in metal buildings, their benefits, and how your business can take advantage of these incredible structures, contact Greenfield Contractors today!

Why Choose Metal?

While fabric structures have their uses, there are some advantages to high-quality steel that fabric can’t beat. From increased security to incredible sustainability, metal buildings are the perfect industrial structures for agriculture, manufacturing, distribution, and numerous industries. With metal buildings, you can expect:

  • Durable

Metal buildings are highly durable and can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including high winds, heavy snow, and earthquakes. Metal buildings are also resistant to fire, pests and rot.

  • Cost-Effective

Metal buildings are often more cost-effective than other construction types, such as wood or brick. Metal buildings are also relatively low maintenance, saving property owners money over time.

  • Versatile

Metal buildings can be used for various purposes, including agricultural, commercial, industrial, and residential. Metal buildings can be customized to meet the specific needs of the customer.

  • Sustainable

Metal buildings are sustainable and environmentally friendly. Metal is a recyclable material, and metal buildings can be recycled at the end of their life cycle. Metal buildings also require less energy to heat and cool than other construction types.

  • Long-Lasting

Metal components and panels, able to withstand extreme temperatures, weather and stress, can stand the test of time. If constructed by experts like those at Greenfield, you can see your metal building last anywhere from 50 to 100 years.

The Greenfield Advantage

Selecting the best contractors for the job when constructing your new metal building is essential. Thankfully, Greenfield has you covered! Our team has experience designing and constructing structures for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications throughout the Midwest. From Greenfield, you can expect:

Metal Buildings

Local Expertise

Companies advertising “structures that can be built anywhere” don’t truly understand the structural needs of the Midwest. Having local contracting experience, Greenfield designs each structure to account for wind and snow loads, ensuring their structure stability under common conditions for the area.

Metal Buildings

Any Size Structure

Greenfield has manufactured structures of all sizes. We’ve helped construct custom buildings anywhere from 30’ to 200’ in length. As the span distance increases, the cost per square foot becomes more economical versus traditional wood post construction.

Metal Buildings

Made in America

Our structures are all built using materials sources and purchased in North America. We only partner with manufacturers in the United States and Canada, ensuring reliable structure designs and high-quality components.

Metal Buildings

25-Year Manufacturer Warranty

All our painted metal panels are backed by a minimum 30-year finish limited warranty, and our Galvalume panels are backed by a 25-year panel limited warranty. No matter your choice of panels, you can be confident in their condition and longevity.

Metal Buildings

Call Greenfield Today!

Dependable, durable, long-lasting metal buildings are now available from the area’s best post-frame builders: Greenfield Contractors! If interested in metal buildings for your property or business, give the experts at Greenfield Contractors a call. Or, you can learn more about our metal buildings, fabric structures, our process and additional contracting services by calling 833-385-1859. We serve clients throughout the Midwest, with office locations in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

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