Fabric Structures
Fabric Structures

Custom & High-Quality Fabric Structures

Fabric structures are more than the tents, pavilions and canopies you might see at a festival, concert or outdoor event. Greenfield’s expertly crafted fabric structures aren’t temporary but are instead used for industrial applications across various industries. The incredible durability, flexibility, and convenience of fabric structures have led businesses to rely on this unique building type throughout the Midwest. In addition to the benefits fabric buildings offer property owners, Greenfield Contractors’ designs go above and beyond what other fabric structure contractors can construct. Call Greenfield today to discuss why a fabric structure is right for your business.

Why Choose Fabric?

Rather than rely on post-frame structures or traditional industrial buildings, fabric structures give property owners more control over the function of their facilities. In addition to some incredible energy savings, fabric structures are easy to set up, can withstand the harshest elements, are wholly customizable, and much more!

  • Natural Light

Fabric structures allow for increased natural light during peak daytime hours. Choosing our fabric-covered buildings nets significant savings for lighting, energy and heating costs.

  • Thermally Conductive

Fabric has low thermal conductivity, minimizing the transfer of heat and cold compared to other standard construction materials. This means our fabric structures stay cooler on hot days and warmer when cold.

  • Durable

Greenfield’s fabric structure covers use high-density polyethylene tapes and UV inhibitors to increase their strength and minimize damage from sunlight exposure.

  • Long-Lasting

The trusses of Greenfield’s structures are hot dip galvanized for superior corrosion protection, preventing deterioration and increasing the longevity of your building.

  • Versatile

Fabric structures are incredibly customizable and versatile. Our specially trained crews make building installations, updates, expansions, and relocations easy to implement.

The Greenfield Advantage

Selecting the best contractors for the job when constructing your new fabric structure is essential. Thankfully, Greenfield has you covered! Our team has experience designing and constructing structures for various commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. With Greenfield, you can expect:

Fabric Structures

Local Expertise

Companies advertising “structures that can be built anywhere” don’t truly understand the structural needs of the Midwest. Having local contracting experience, Greenfield designs each structure to account for wind and snow loads, ensuring their structural stability under common conditions for the area.

Fabric Structures

Any Size Structure

Greenfield has manufactured fabric structures of all sizes. We’ve helped construct buildings as small as 16′ x 20′ and as large as 170′ x 240′, with dozens of sizes in between. Our commercial buildings come in standard sizes, while our hybrid line is completely customizable with no set standards.

Fabric Structures

Made in America!

Our structures are all built using materials sourced and purchased in North America. We only partner with manufacturers in the United States and Canada, ensuring efficient structure designs and high-quality components.

Fabric Structures

20-Year Manufacturer Warranty

All Greenfield’s structures come with our 20-Year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty includes coverage for corrosive environments best suited to the needs of our Midwestern clients. We hope to give property owners peace of mind, promising the strength and durability of our structures for years to come.

Fabric Structures

Give Us a Call

If looking for a new fabric structure for your property or business, it’s time to give the experts at Greenfield Contractors a call! To learn more about our fabric structures, our process, financing options, and the additional contracting services we offer, contact Greenfield today at 833-419-2179. We serve clients throughout the Midwest, with office locations in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

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