Grain Bins
Grain Bins

Safe, Durable & Weather-Resistant Grain Bins and Storage

Across the Midwest, as farmers continue to produce high yields of grain, wheat, corn, soy and other in-demand agricultural products, the need for high-quality, expanded storage continues to grow! Thankfully, with help from Greenfield Contractors, farmers and agricultural facilities can acquire all the storage they require with our expert installation of durable, long-lasting grain bins. Grain bins are an absolute necessity for farmers trying to make a profit and protect their goods while waiting for the best time to bring produce to market. Before harvesting season, ensure you have the storage to support your crop yield with new, reliable grain bins constructed by Greenfield Contractors. Call today!

Why Choose Grain Storage?

While there is a best time for harvesting your grain, the time to bring your crops to market can vary. As such, farmers need reliable storage capabilities for their agricultural products so they can sell when the time and price are right! Thanks to grain bins from Greenfield Contractors, it’s never been easier to store, dry and protect grain, with grain bin benefits like:

  • Durability

Every grain bin we construct is made from the strongest, highest-quality materials. We use corrugated steel sidewalls, enhanced stiffener profiles, unique roof system designs, and more to ensure our grain bins' unparalleled strength, protection and longevity.

  • Convenience

Having on-site grain storage for your produce provides exceptional convenience for your farming operation. Rather than bringing your goods directly to market or shipping grain to outside storage facilities, you have everything you need to dry and protect your grain on-site.

  • Customizable

Greenfield Contractors' grain bins are customizable to fit any agricultural facility's precise needs. From easier access to increased safety, our grain bin customization options include side draw systems, stairs, ladders, platforms, conveyors, monitoring systems, etc.

  • Weather Resistance

Our grain bins feature optimized bolt patterns, interlaced sheets, galvanized coatings, and more. These features combined allow for incredible moisture and weather resistance, ensuring your grain bins have a water-tight seal and are not susceptible to rust and corrosion.

  • Expandable

While our grain bins can already hold a high grain capacity (up to 1.9 million bushels), each unit is easily expandable. With our Lemanco Modular Bin Systems, farm owners can expand or modify their dry bulk storage to meet their expanding storage needs.

The Greenfield Advantage

Selecting the best contractors for the job and constructing new grain bins is an absolute must. Thankfully, Greenfield can provide the expert service you require! In addition to the metal and fabric structures we construct, we offer exceptional installation and maintenance for a wide variety of grain bins and storage. As such, you can expect:

Grain Bins

Local Expertise

Companies advertising “structures that can be built anywhere” don’t truly understand the structural needs of the Midwest. Having local contracting experience, Greenfield designs each grain bin to account for wind and snow loads, ensuring their structural stability under common conditions for the area.

Grain Bins

Any Size Bin

Greenfield can manufacture grain bins of all types and sizes. From commercial bins to hopper tanks, capacity ranges from 60 to 60,000 cubic meters; we can help you find the perfect bin to meet your agricultural facility’s on-site storage and capacity needs.

Grain Bins

Made in America

Our structures are all built using materials sourced and purchased in North America. We only partner with manufacturers in the United States and Canada, ensuring reliable structure designs and high-quality components.

Grain Bins

5-Year Limited Warranty

Our grain bins and storage structures are backed by our 5-year limited warranty, which is one of the best in the agricultural industry. Additionally, a one-year limited warranty covers any grain bin accessories and additions.

Grain Bins

Give Our Contractors a Call

Storage for your grain, corn, soy, wheat, and other crops is essential. When it comes to the best grain bins to meet your storage needs, Midwestern farms and agricultural facilities trust Greenfield Contractors for the most durable, highest capacity, and longest-lasting grain bins around. To learn more about our grain bins or other custom commercial structures, call Greenfield today at 833-385-1859. We serve clients throughout the Midwest, with office locations in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

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