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Support Your Facility with the Best Fabric-Covered Buildings in Galesburg IL

Quick, affordable, and versatile aren’t three ways you typically describe the construction process for commercial and industrial structures. All too often, traditional construction methods can be costly and time-consuming. And when your facility’s space and storage needs are urgent, you don’t have time to waste searching for the “best budget contractor.” Thankfully, an alternative to your facility needs lets you have the best of everything. Invest in fabric-covered buildings in Galesburg IL, designed and constructed by Greenfield Contractors.

Why Choose Fabric Structures?

Your first thought might be, “how can fabric structures beat the strength of traditional construction?” The truth: fabric structures beat traditional construction in more ways than strength alone. As such, industries throughout the Midwest have come to rely on the excellent benefits and features of Greenfield’s portable fabric buildings. Such benefits include:

  • Strength & Durability
    • Yes, fabric structures are stronger than many post-frame structures and industrial buildings. The construction of fabric structures includes high-density polyethylene tapes, UV inhibitors, and hot dip galvanized beams and trusses. Combined, these features increase our structure’s resistance to sunlight and moisture, improve load capacity, and ensure construction longevity.
  • Greater Versatility
    • With your standard industrial building, once it’s built, little can be done to change or upgrade it without extensive remodeling. Conversely, fabric buildings are easy to customize, change, and update. Furthermore, Greenfield can help move your fabric structures to new locations as needed by your facility. Our fabric-covered buildings offer clients the most flexibility and versatility.
  • Additional Cost Savings
    • From the cost of design/construction to the upkeep associated with your fabric building, you’ll save significantly more than standard construction methods. The time, materials and labor used for fabric building construction are much less than other construction, costing clients less upfront. Additionally, fabric structures are non-conductive, meaning they stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold, saving you big on heating and cooling costs.

Place Your Trust in Greenfield

There’s one significant difference between Greenfield Contractors and other contractors for fabric-covered buildings in Galesburg IL: Greenfield is local! Our experience designing structures for Midwestern climates means we know precisely what’s necessary to ensure your buildings stand for a long time. Additionally, all our materials are 100% acquired in North America from only the best suppliers and manufacturers. And if you are still not convinced of the quality and expertise of our fabric structure design and construction, all our buildings come with a 20-Year manufacturer’s warranty.

Cattle in Fabric-Covered Buildings in Galesburg IL

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