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Why Choose Fabric Structures in Davenport IA?

Your company can save money, expedite a construction project, and gain more flexibility with fabric structures in Davenport IA. Here are brief explanations of how your agribusiness, industrial, commercial, military, or governmental property benefits from fabric buildings.

  • Cost Savings – Materials for fabric structures cost less than conventional wood frame buildings. In addition, translucent ceilings in fabric buildings we construct let in natural light, allowing you to cut lighting costs during daytime operations. As a result, you spend quite a bit less on energy.
  • Quicker Turnaround Times on Construction – In most cases, our contractors can erect a new fabric structure within a week or two of the materials arriving at your property. That allows your business greater functionality right away compared to conventional wood or metal frame building projects.
  • Greater Customization – As your business needs change, fabric structures allow for an expansion or layout reconfiguration to suit your operations. For instance, you can add covered storage area or a carport for additional vehicles or farm machinery.

Greenfield Contractors understand the unique construction needs of Midwestern businesses. Email us now to receive a free quote.

Fabric Structures Require Less Maintenance

Your company also can realize significant savings on the cost of maintenance and repairs with fabric structures in Davenport IA. Traditional buildings require periodic repainting and shingle replacement to maintain structural integrity. Greenfield Contractors erects fabric structures with components designed and engineered to provide greater protection from corrosive elements. The trusses inside our structures features materials that are hot dip galvanized to protect from salt, chemicals, and blowing debris. In addition, available fabric coating resists damage from the sun’s UV rays.

Are You Looking for Portable Buildings?

Your business also can take its act on the road much easier with fabric structures in Davenport IA. If your company needs portable buildings for remote sales presentations, trade shows, off-site services, or temporary events, fabric structures offer the versatility you need. All buildings provided by Greenfield Contractors allow for quick break down, transport, and re-assembly elsewhere. Our products are manufactured for portability. Plus, you can use common hand tools like wrenches to put them back together again with smaller buildings.

Why Choose Greenfield Contractors?

Greenfield Contractors offer local construction pros who understand the area and its terrain when they install fabric structures in Davenport IA. Consequently, they can account for local snow loads, soil composition, and wind speeds when we erecting your buildings. You may not get that level of familiarity with Midwestern conditions from national companies advertising similar services. In addition, our company offers you the following benefits:

  • Excellent Warranty Protection – Fabric structures from Greenfield Contractors come with a 20-year manufacturer warranty on materials.
  • Green Construction Solutions – Fabric structures get erected with much less scrap and waste of building materials when compared to conventional buildings. Therefore, you save money on purchasing building materials that you just end up throwing away.
  • Support for American Businesses – Greenfield Contractors proudly provide fabric structures that use building materials sourced from companies in North America. When you choose us, you support other businesses from right here in the United States and Canada.
Fabric Structures Davenport IA

Get Free Estimates on Fabric Structures in Davenport IA

Greenfield Contractors can customize construction solutions to fit your needs with fabric structures in Davenport IA. We offer products lines with both standard and completely customizable building sizes. Plus, we erect structures of all sizes, from as small as 16 feet by 20 feet to buildings as large as 170 feet by 240 feet. Request a free quote now by calling us at
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