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Greenfield Contractors provide construction designed and engineered around your business with our fabric buildings in Rock Island IL. Whether you need a structure for commercial, industrial, agribusiness, or civic use, we can customize a solution for you. Plus, our company can offer you all the planning, construction, post-construction, maintenance, and repair services you need. Are you wondering how you can use a fabric building in Rock Island IL? Our past clients use our structures for the following:

  • Aircraft hangars.
  • Storage for farm vehicles and machinery.
  • Grain storage.
  • Dry fertilizer storage.
  • Storage of sand or salt for municipal roads during severe weather.
  • Athletic playing fields, practice facilities, and training venues.
  • Commercial storage.
  • Industrial equipment and supply storage.
  • Equestrian buildings.
  • Military vehicle, boat, machinery, and equipment storage.

Our company understands how to solve the unique challenges of construction projects for our Midwestern clients. The trussed arches in our buildings get designed and engineered to meet rigorous safety and building code standards. Most importantly, our products offer peace of mind with a 20-year manufacturer warranty. Request a free estimate today. You save big compared to conventional construction!

Why Choose Fabric Buildings?

You get a cheaper, quicker, and more versatile construction process when you choose fabric buildings in Rock Island IL. Our company can provide you with services and products that deliver the following fantastic benefits:

  • Quick Turnaround Times In most cases, buildings get erected in a week or two upon arrival of materials. With conventional construction projects, your property could go months without the structure that you need.
  • Efficient Operation The translucent fabric dome covering your building will not require daytime lighting, saving you big on energy costs.
  • Green Construction Projects Unlike with traditional wood construction, fabric buildings feature minimal scrap or wasted building materials. As a result, you get more bang for your buck by not paying for building materials that get thrown away.
  • Low Maintenance Greenfield Contractors erect structures with trusses that use hot dip galvanized materials. Consequently, they hold up to corrosive agents at farms, industrial, commercial, or governmental properties like salt spray, blowing debris, and chemicals. We also can coat the fabric on your building, helping you to avoid costs associated with repainting or replacing shingles on conventional buildings.
  • Versatility The needs of most agribusiness, commercial, or industrial clients change over time. However, conventional buildings will not change with the growth of your business. With fabric buildings in Rock Island IL, you get solutions that can easily get reconfigured or expanded to better suit your operations. Therefore, you can save money on the cost of demolition and rebuilds that come with wooden structures by choosing fabric buildings.
Fabric Buildings Rock Island IL

Why Choose Greenfield Contractors?

Unlike helicopter national construction firms, Greenfield Contractors knows and understands what Illinois farm, business, and governmental clients need. We put that local expertise to use when we erect your fabric buildings in Rock Island IL. Our installation team can accurately account for local wind speeds, snow loads, and soil composition when we erect your structure. In addition, our fabric building experts offer you these other great benefits:

  • Custom Size Structures Our team can erect buildings of any size. In fact, our hybrid line of fabric buildings allows for complete customization. However, we also provide many standard sizes, ranging from 16 feet by 20 feet to 170 feet by 240 feet.
  • Support America We erect structures with materials sourced from North American suppliers. So, you can take pride in a building made from companies right here in the United States and Canada.
  • Warranty Protection Our fabric buildings come with a 20-year manufacturer warranty.

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Greenfield Contractors can provide you with construction experts who handle all the design, construction, and post-construction services you need. We are your trusted local contractors for fabric buildings in Rock Island IL. Call now at 833-385-1859 or contact us online to receive a free estimate!

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