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Greenfield Contractors construct custom solutions engineered to last as your top source for fabric buildings in Davenport IA. Our installation crews can erect your structure quickly and cost efficiently. We have constructed countless facilities for use by agribusiness, industrial, commercial, and civic clients. Our company can provide you with a fabric structure that offers the following benefits:

  • 20 years of warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Custom ventilation systems.
  • Interior layouts with your needs in mind. · Complete management of all phases of your project including planning, construction, and post-construction services.
  • Options when it comes to HVAC, lighting, electrical, doors, walls, conveyor systems, fabric covers, and colors.
  • Quick turnaround times with buildings ready in a fraction of the time it takes to erect conventional construction projects.

Our company handles both new construction and repair projects when it comes to fabric buildings in Davenport IA. In addition, we plan, manage, and construct multi-phase construction jobs. We take pride in working with designers and manufacturers to provide functional structures that last a long time. Email us today to request a free estimate on a fabric structure for your property.

Why Choose Fabric Buildings?

You receive structures that offer more versatility and portability than traditional construction when you choose fabric buildings in Davenport IA. In addition, fabric structures offer these other top benefits:

  • Cost-Effective Construction: Our engineered fabric buildings cost less to erect than conventional construction with wooden or steel beams. Ask us to provide you with a free estimate to see how much you can save!
  • Portability: Our fabric structures work well when you need a solution that offers quick assembly, tear down, and relocation. Clients looking for portable structures for public concerts or trade shows can get an ideal solution with fabric buildings.
  • Low Maintenance: Greenfield Contractors provide structures with trusses that feature hot dip galvanized materials that offer tremendous corrosion protection, preventing deterioration from chemicals, salt spray, or blowing debris. You can also choose fabric coating that resists UV exposure, avoiding costs associated with repainting and shingle replacement on conventional buildings.
  • Easy Adaptability: With fabric buildings in Davenport IA, you also receive a solution that can easily get expanded or reconfigured to suit your changing needs. For instance, you might want to add a carport or covered parking to protect added vehicles or machinery. With a traditional structure, you would need to spend money on demolition and rebuild work. Fabric buildings allow you to avoid that costly and lengthy process.

What Applications Are There for Fabric Buildings?

You get a versatile solution engineered for a variety of uses with fabric buildings in Davenport IA. Many of our past clients have used our fabric structures for the following:

  • Storage of sand or salt for use on roads by public street departments.
  • Covered practice, training, and competitive venues for school athletics or parks and recreation departments.
  • Farm machinery equipment storage.
  • Grain storage facilities.
  • Storage of dry fertilizer.
  • Aircraft hangars.
  • Industrial vehicle and machinery storage.
  • Commercial storage facilities.
Fabric Buildings Davenport IA

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Greenfield Contractors understand the structural needs of Midwestern clients. We can erect buildings of any size, with some as small as 16 feet by 20 feet or as large as 170 feet by 240 feet. Plus, you can take pride in building with materials sourced right here in America and Canada! Request your free quote today by calling 833-385-1859 or by using our online contact form.

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