Salt Storage Building Peoria IL
A fabric structure is used for salt storage. Greenfield builds Salt Storage Buildings in Peoria IL.

A Greenfield Contractors Fabric Structure Makes An Ideal Salt Storage Building In Peoria IL

Fabric structures are the ideal solution for municipal salt storage: Salt is a corrosive material, but fabric is unaffected by it. If you’re looking to build a salt storage building in Peoria IL, look to the experience of Greenfield Contractors.

What Advantages Do Fabric Salt Storage Buildings Provide?

  • Fabric is unaffected by the corrosive nature of salt.
  • The steel framing that supports the fabric receives hot-dip galvanizing to prevent corrosion.
  • Compared to standard construction, fabric structures are significantly faster and cheaper to build.
  • The cost-effectiveness of a fabric salt storage building is appealing to taxpayers.
  • Fabric structures are easier to move to new locations if desired.
  • Fabric buildings are highly customizable and available in almost any size.
  • Our fabric structures come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Are Fabric Buildings Practical For Illinois Weather?

We engineer our fabric buildings with the location and the building’s purpose in mind. Our structures can handle wind of up to 150 mph and snow loads up to 300 psf.

The covers are resistant to sun damage, thanks to the ultraviolet inhibitor technology.

We engineer all our structures to comply with International Building Codes.

To sum it up, Greenfield Construction’s buildings are ideal for Peoria weather conditions.

What is Greenfield’s Construction Process?

We always work closely with you from concept to final walk-through.

  • First, we discuss your goals, budget, schedule and site requirements. Because we want the smoothest installation process possible, we complete all due diligence and site preparation before construction begins.
  • During construction, our experienced team of builders stays focused on the goal and quality control.
  • Our project managers make sure your building meets exact building specifications and that the project proceeds smoothly.
  • The post-construction phase includes site cleanup and final checks and inspections of your project. We will do a final walkthrough to make sure you’re completely satisfied, and we’ll provide any needed assistance with the warranty paperwork.
  • Afterward, we can also provide preventative maintenance and repairs if needed. We want to help you keep your fabric structure in the best shape possible for as long as possible.
A fabric building is seen. Greenfield builds Salt Storage Buildings in Peoria IL.

Are You Ready To Build A Salt Storage Building In Peoria IL?

If you’re ready to get started on a salt storage building in Peoria IL, give Greenfield Contractors a call today at 833-869-0393!

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