Grain Storage Peoria IL
The interior of a Greenfield Contractors fabric building is seen.

Why Not Build A Fabric Structure For Grain Storage in Peoria IL?

Are you looking for the most practical, cost-efficient and convenient way to store grain? Have you considered building a fabric structure? Greenfield Contractors constructs high-quality fabric buildings for grain storage in Peoria IL.

Why Store Grain In Fabric Buildings?

Sometimes, grain storage space is at a premium and some farmers resort to temporarily storing grain outdoors. However, grain stored outside is susceptible to rain, insects, wild animals and other losses. Storing the grain inside a fabric grain storage building makes it possible to better preserve the quality of the grain.

How Long Will a Fabric Grain Storage Building Last?

Every Greenfield Contractors fabric structure comes with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. These buildings are also sturdy and easy to customize. Compared to conventional buildings, fabric buildings take significantly less time to build. They also let in plenty of natural light.

Does Greenfield Understand The Ag Industry?

We work with the ag industry often. Our fabric buildings are being used not just for grain storage, but for housing cattle and other livestock and storing equipment, tools, vehicles, feed, fertilizer and many other farming needs. The fact that fabric buildings are being used to meet the needs of a variety of other industries illustrates the versatility of these structures. Some of the uses they’re being put to include:

  • Storage
  • Sports and recreation
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Municipal

How Is The Process Of Building A Fabric Structure Different From Conventional Construction?

We will be with you every step of the way. In fact, we offer an end-to-end client experience that emphasizes top-quality service and workmanship. The process includes:

  • We first ensure we understand your needs, your budget, your timeline and any special concerns you may have.
  • Next, we put together a construction plan based on your situation.
  • To provide the smoothest possible construction experience, we hire only experienced builders with high standards.
  • We closely oversee the entire process. You may choose to use your own crew or our contractors. Either way, we make certain the exact building specifications are met.
  • We make sure the appropriate materials and equipment are on-site when needed.
  • After the construction project is complete, we take care of a thorough site cleanup. You accompany us on a final inspection and walk-through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction, and we go over the warranty paperwork with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • We provide all the information about maintenance or repairs you may need. We want to help you keep your fabric structure in great shape for a very long time.
The interior of a fabric structure is seen. Greenfield Contractors builds ag-friendly buildings for uses including grain storage in Peoria IL.

Are You Ready To Start Construction Of Your Brand New Grain Storage Building?

We’re looking forward to building more fabric structures for grain storage in Peoria IL. If you’re ready to get started, call Greenfield Contractors today at 833-385-1859.

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