Grain Bins Springfield IL
A grain bin is seen. Greenfield Contractors builds quality grain bins.

Are New Grain Bins Part Of Your Farming Plans?

The best and most convenient place to store grain is right on your farm. Do you have enough on-site storage to handle all the high yields you produce in your best years? Whether you grow corn, soybeans, wheat or other crops, you can trust the top-quality grain bins that many Midwestern farmers and other agricultural facilities rely upon. If you’re thinking of building new grain bins in Springfield IL, contact Greenfield Contractors at 833-385-1859.

You Know The Importance Of Adequate Grain Storage

When you build grain bins right on your own farm, you have the flexibility to watch the markets and safely hold your grain for as long as you need in order to obtain the best possible price for it. Without this ability, you may have to choose between selling your grain before you are ready, paying to store it elsewhere or resorting to unprotected storage outdoors, which degrades the quality. How does the capacity of your current grain bins compare with your typical harvest?

What Makes The Greenfield Contractors Grain Bin Better?

Our bins are strong and durable. Made of corrugated steel sidewalls with enhanced stiffener profiles and innovative roof system designs, our bins offer unmatched strength, protection and longevity.

We can offer high grain capacities up to 1.9 million bushels. With our Lemanco modular bin systems, each unit is easy to expand or modify. This customization means you can modify or add to your grain bins so they can continue to meet your needs far into the future.

What Features Are Available?

Our high-quality grain bins offer high quality, enhanced safety features and flexible designs so they can fit your exact needs. The advantages include:

  • Superior engineering
  • Efficient material flow
  • Sidewalls made of heavy galvanized steel
  • Faster assembly thanks to enhanced design
  • Outstanding strength due to unique “W” stiffeners – unstiffened bins are also available
  • Enhanced safety thanks to specialized stairs, ladders, platforms and safety cages – all OSHA compliant
  • Strong roofs
  • Wide variety of sizes and heights
  • Multiple climate control options
  • Custom aeration via a variety of types of fans and ducts
  • Advanced conveyor systems, including self-cleaning options
  • Designed to allow future expandability
  • Monitoring system

Can Having Adequate Grain Bin Capacity Streamline Your Harvest?

When you build your grain bin before you need it – before the harvest – it optimizes your harvest logistics. During a busy harvest season, having plenty of storage available right where you need it can improve your operational efficiency and minimize downtime during harvest, when every minute counts.

Are Aeration And Temperature Control Options Available?

New grain bins are seen. Greenfield Contractors builds quality grain bins in Springfield IL.

To preserve the quality of your grain, aeration and temperature control are key. Our bins accomplish this in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible fashion, meaning you can save money.

Are You Ready To Start Construction Of Your Brand New Grain Bin?

We plan to build many more grain bins in Springfield IL this year and can assist you in choosing the specific bin that will best meet your operation’s needs. If you’re ready to begin building the highest-quality grain bins available, call Greenfield Contractors today at 833-385-1859.

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