Grain Bins Peoria IL

Build Better Grain Bins Before Your Next Harvest

Storing grain right on your farm is by far the most convenient way to keep it. One advantage of building your own bins is that you can customize them to meet your precise needs for grain management. The strong, durable and high-quality structures built by Greenfield Contractors are the grain bins Peoria IL trusts.

A grain bin is seen on a farm. Greenfield Contractors builds Grain Bins in Peoria IL.

Why Choose Greenfield Contractors To Build Your Grain Bin?

We’re leaders in building fabric and metal buildings, and we already serve the agriculture industry, so building grain bins is a natural extension of our business. You may already have some familiarity with our fabric and metal ag buildings. Our customers use our buildings to house their farm machinery, to store seeds and fertilizers, to house their cattle and for many related uses. At Greenfield Contractors, we understand the needs of ag and have developed customer relationships with many farmers.

Having Enough Storage Capacity Is Key

At times, you’ll see grain stored outside on the ground, where it is susceptible to rain, insects, wild animals and other losses. Storing the grain inside your own grain bin better preserves the grain’s quality – particularly a next-generation grain bin with an enhanced storage system. Our bins are available in sizes ranging from 15’ 6” to 49’ 6” in diameter and 19’ 2” to 82’ 3” in overall height.

What Sets These Grain Bins Apart?

The Lemanco modular bins we build offer high quality and full customization. They meet or exceed industry standards for safety. Some of their other advantages include:

  • Superior engineering
  • Efficient material flow
  • Sidewalls made of heavy galvanized steel
  • Faster assembly thanks to enhanced design
  • Outstanding strength due to unique “W” stiffeners – unstiffened bins are also available
  • Enhanced safety thanks to specialized stairs, ladders, platforms and safety cages – all OSHA compliant
  • Strong roofs
  • Wide variety of sizes and heights
  • Multiple climate control options
  • Custom aeration via a variety of types of fans and ducts
  • Advanced conveyor systems, including self-cleaning options
  • Designed to allow future expandability

Can These Bins Handle Heavy Grain Loads?

The Caldwell Floors in these bins are engineered to handle grain depths of up to 110’, or 33.52 meters. Floor systems are custom designed for each application and are perforated for unrestricted air flow.

What Options For Customization Are Available?

You can opt for extra space for processing, packing and equipment. You can choose large-capacity silos or modular systems for maximum flexibility. Talk to us and we’ll help you identify the ideal design and tailor it to meet your specifications.

Do These Bins Offer Aeration And Temperature Control?

In order to best preserve the quality of your grain, we offer options for aeration and temperature control. Our bins are also energy efficient, helping you save money and operate in an environmentally responsible manner.

A collection of grain bin are seen on a farm. Greenfield Contractors builds Grain Bins in Peoria IL.

Are You Ready To Start Construction Of Your Brand New Grain Bin?

We’re looking forward to building more grain bins in Peoria IL and can assist you in choosing the specific custom bin to meet your operation’s needs. If you’re ready to get started, call Greenfield Contractors today at 833-385-1859.

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