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Consider Cost-Effective Fabric Structures in Peoria IL

If you’re planning a new building for your business or organization, you have a lot to consider, including the type of structure. Any building is a significant investment, so it’s important that you feel confident that you’ve chosen the right design, size and type of building that will fit your needs for years to come. Greenfield Contractors builds fabric structures in Peoria IL.

Consider a fabric structure for your Peoria project.

Greenfield Contractors offers completely customizable fabric buildings that are constructed to last and can withstand harsh elements – including those Peoria IL winters! A fabric structure is a solution when you want a building that is durable, flexible, permanent and cost-effective.

Fabric structures offer many advantages:

  • Our buildings are faster and more cost-effective to construct than standard stick builds or traditional industrial builds.
  • We can construct portable structures of any size.
  • We use a highly durable material made from high-density polyethylene tapes and coated with low-density polyethylene. UV inhibitors protect the structures from the strong sunlight of Midwestern summers.
  • We comply with all International Building Codes.
  • We are experienced with constructing fabric buildings that perform well under Midwestern weather conditions, including heavy winds and snow.
  • Our buildings allow natural light inside, cutting your lighting costs.
  • With advances in fabric technology and the corrosion-protected, hot dip galvanized trusses we use, our buildings are long-lasting.
  • All our fabric structures come with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • We handle all aspects of your project, from the initial planning to the final walk-through.

What kinds of industries use fabric structures in Peoria IL?

The team at Greenfield Contractors works with commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal clients. The Peoria-area fabric structures we’ve built serve such industries as:

  • Agriculture: Agricultural operations use our fabric structure for housing cattle, storing grain, storing equipment and supplies and more.
  • Industrial: Manufacturing facilities often choose our fabric structures for cold storage, warehousing, equipment storage solutions and for storage of bulk items.
  • Mining: Because mining operations may shift locations, a more portable fabric structure is ideal in this industry.
  • Transportation: The transportation industry finds our fabric structures ideal for storage and logistics or for a storage warehouse.
  • Municipal: Local governments need to be especially sensitive to costs, yet need to protect and store equipment, materials and vehicles. We’ve built fabric structures to contain seasonable equipment, recycling plants, water management facilities and more.
  • Sports and recreation: The flexibility of our fabric structures makes them ideal to cover an entire tennis court or football field, allowing year-round recreation even in the middle of a Peoria winter.
Fabric structures in Peoria built by Greenfield Contractors

Are you ready to learn how a fabric structure can meet your needs?

To learn more about our fabric structures, our process, financing options and the additional contracting services we offer, contact Greenfield Contractors today at 833-934-3042. We serve clients throughout the Midwest, with office locations in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas.

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