Custom Metal Buildings Bloomington IL
A metal building is seen. Greenfield Contractors builds custom metal buildings in Bloomington IL.

We Make Metal Buildings To Order

One of the most satisfying parts of starting a new construction project is the ability to customize the building to precisely meet your needs. When you repurpose an existing building, you may need to make certain compromises, but if you’re starting from scratch, you can envision and customize a building that’s just right for all your needs. That’s a big advantage to working with Greenfield Contractors. We design and construct custom quality custom metal buildings in Bloomington IL. Contact us today at 833-385-1859.

Are Metal Buildings Cost-Effective?

In general, metal buildings offer less expensive construction costs when compared to traditional construction. Metal buildings achieve this while while actually offering superior durability and stability

Can Metal Buildings Handle Central Illinois Weather?

Any metal building offers resistance to problems such as rot, weathering, pests and fire. Metal structures can withstand the often harsh weather conditions in central Illinois, including hail, heavy snow and ice, strong winds and intense sunlight. A quality metal structure can usually exceed the lifespan of a traditionally built wooden construction. With proper maintenance, metal buildings will continue to serve for many decades. If your business requires a strong, durable, long-lasting new building, consider metal construction.

Are Metal Buildings Customizable?

By their very nature, metal buildings are highly customizable. We build metal structures of all sizes, stretching as long as 200 feet in length. We don’t expect any two businesses to require exactly the same specifications for their buildings, so we expect customization and are happy to provide it. Let’s talk about the exact size, design and any special features that you may need.

Are Metal Structures Environmentally Friendly?

Because metal is recyclable, our metal buildings are quite sustainable and very environmentally friendly. Your new metal building may last as long as a century. At the end of its useful life, all the metal materials may be recycled. An additional factor that makes our structures so environmentally friendly is the reduced energy required to heat and cool them when compared to conventionally built structures.

Metal Buildings Work For Any Industry

Greenfield Contractors builds structures for a large variety of industries throughout central Illinois and the whole Midwest. A few of them include:

  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Industrial
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Municipal
  • Sports and recreation
  • Storage
A metal building is seen. Greenfield Contractors constructs custom metal buildings in Bloomington IL.

We Source Our Materials As Locally As We Can!

We are big supporters of the made-in-America movement. In addition, quality components are very important to us. That’s why we source the materials for our metal buildings from North America – including the U.S. and Canada. Our metal buildings are made from the highest quality steel and with Galvalume panels.

How Many Years Will These Metal Structures Stand?

At Greenfield Contractors, we stand behind our high-quality construction with pride. The painted metal panels we use feature a minimum 30-year finish-limited warranty. Plus, our Galvalume panels are covered by a 25-year panel limited warranty.

Are Other Building Materials Available?

Obviously, every type of structure has its pros and cons, which is why we offer so many options. We’re a leader in metal buildings, fabric buildings and in metal grain bins. We are happy to customize our products to suit your purposes. Call us and let’s discuss what building options would best suit your needs, preferences and budget.

Are You Ready For A New Structure?

Is it time for a new metal building? We build custom metal buildings in Bloomington IL and throughout the Midwest. The next one we build could be yours! If you are ready to get started, or if you would like to talk about the options available for customization, call Greenfield Contractors today at 833-385-1859.

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