Our Story: A History of Greenfield Contractors

A Day in the Life of Greenfield Contractors LLC

The fiber of a people is not woven from the great words that we speak but from the great actions that come from the fortitude within. This fortitude and the strength of character that so many of ancestors possessed is what made us so great a nation. A character that drove many men to get up before sunrise every morning and labor with great resilience to push America forward and to care for their families. A character that meant a man’s word was as good as his signature. A character that meant a man would always do his best under any circumstances. A character that always strove to make things better for the next generation than it was for him.

It is this American fiber that we still strive for as our very own culture at Greenfield. A culture that doesn’t promise the impossible. A culture that seeks to deliver each project in the agreed upon time so that you can continue to run your business. A culture that sets quality as the standard. A culture that builds assets today that will be assets for your future. Greenfield has a culture that focuses on building your future.

This same culture is what we seek to continue to pass on to future generations of Greenfield. Our products are made in America so that we can continue to have a future in America. When the day is over and the sunset is gone we know that we have done the best we can to enable future generations to continue on in this great ambition.

Greenfield Contractors LLC is a company that rose from the dust. Our founder started with a cell phone and a computer in the back corner of his basement. He lacked any business management experience but was armed with a strong work ethic that allowed Greenfield Contractors LLC to become what it is today, a general contractor building your future.

Lucas Young